City of Morenci
April 26, 2004

WHEREAS, Morenci has long treasured Bean Creek and its natural beauty, as an asset to the City and the quality of life of Morenci residents, and

WHEREAS, Morenci has long treasured its streamside parks and diverse recreational areas, and

WHEREAS, Riverside Park holds a significant place in Morenci’s rich natural and cultural heritage, and

WHEREAS, Riverside Park was granted historic designation as a Natural Area at the request of the Morenci Garden Club and Morenci residents at a City Council meeting on Oct. 8, 1973, and

WHEREAS, Natural Areas are increasingly rare but critical reservoirs of native seed sources for locally important species, and

WHEREAS, Riverside Park is fortunate to have numerous and diverse trees and shrubs native to the floodplains of southern Michigan, with unique ecological communities of hackberry, honey locust, pawpaw, Ohio buckeye, wahoo shrub, bladdernut, hoptree, and

WHEREAS, Natural Areas are a biological, ecological, cultural, and human resource for future generations, and

WHEREAS, protected Natural Areas provide rich benefits to communities, including the enjoyment and education of the natural world, with places to walk, contemplate, and study nature through the seasons and through time, and

WHEREAS, protected Natural Areas provide an irreplaceable natural heritage for future generations

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we support and reaffirm:
Riverside Park as a Natural Area for the benefit and enjoyment of Morenci citizens and the public